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Puncture Repair Category

Puncture repair for your bike tyre or inner tube.

Quick puncture repair for your bike tyre or inner tube – Let DM’s Cycles & Repairs, Clydebank take care of that! Any size of wheel, tyre or inner tube repair catered for, so, any size, DM’s can get you back riding! Traditional glue and patch kits, pre glued patches and tubeless prong and insert tools.

Tubeless tyre puncture or dried sealant? No problem!

Tubeless tyres require a refresh of fluid as sealant dries up. Top up once per cycling season, or if you’ve had a bad puncture. DM’s stocks name brand sealants for use in your tyres. Finish Line & Oko Magic Milk stocked for use and sale.

Puncture repair kits and fitting tools available

DM’s stocks a range of puncture repair kits and tools, helping make your tube fit as easy as it can be. Prepare for the worst, with only the best from Rema Tip Top classic repair kits- to the world famous Park Tool pre glued repair patches! Find fitting tyres a tiring job? Bike tyre levers or fitting hand plier levers might be just the thing for you. So don’t delay and prepare today at DM’s Cycles & Repairs!