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Bike pumps for all tyres, inner tubes and valve types

Bike pumps are essential for any age of cyclist, so if your bike tyre is flat, DM’s Cycles & Repairs can help! Inflate your tyres once every 5 days (Road bikes), to once a month (Wider Hybrid, MTB, Mountain Bikes.) DM’s has a range of pumps in stock to offer you, with ways to order many different name brands. Locate and match your tyre pressure on the side wall of your tyre, for best results. (Pressure gauge required to check tyre/tube pressure)

Truflo Classic Bicycle Pump with all valves adapter - Black

Different bicycle pump styles to choose from

Long black plastic classic inflators or micro aluminium pocket style to fit all styles of bike are available. Floor pumps are available, some with tyre pressure gauges. Special order options from a range of UK based distributors and suppliers offering well known and trusted brand names. Frame mounts included with most metal, micro, hand & pocket pump options, however, classic long plastic inflators can fit to your bike with pump pegs or straps. Want to go Co2? You’re covered with the Ez-Control inflator from Zefal with replacement cartridges available to order.

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