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Bicycle Forks

Suspension and Rigid fork options for your bicycle to order today!

Bicycle forks come in two main variants; Suspension & Rigid. Suspension forks typically fit on a mountain bike or hybrid bike, while a rigid (solid) fork would usually fit a town-style bike, which is expected not to have to deal with too many bumps on rough terrain. Suspension helps with soaking up the pressure of bumps and hits, whereas a rigid fork will have reduced weight.

SR Suntour RAIDON Air Suspension Fork QR 100MM 1 1-8in. Rebound, Lockout, Black

Air or Coil?

Air or coil sprung offer different feelings when compressing and rebounding. An air fork is considered to be better and is typically more expensive than coil. A coil sprung fork can be non-adjustable, or have features like lock-out and rebound control. Air forks will likely have lock-out and rebound control as a minimum. This allows you to switch between rigid and functional suspension (lock-out) and also to allow control of the spring-back speed (rebound.)