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Bicycle Kickstands

Quality bicycle kickstands can ease frustrations of what to do when you step-off your bike during any ride. No more leaning your bike up against railings or fences where it i likely to fall and scrape one day. Wave goodbye to putting your bike on the ground every time, a cumbersome activity which can lead to damaged bearings, grips, brake levers, twisted cables- not to mention your back!

Pletscher Two Bolt Comp 40 Flex Kickstand


DM’s offers a range of adjustable kickstand options from Swiss company Pletscher. Of the highest quality, these kickstands are capable of supporting mechanical and electric bikes alike. Boasting load capacity from 18kg to 50kg with the Comp 40, there’s a Pletscher kickstand for you just a quick order away!


Coming in two bolt, multi-fit or bottom bracket gap fit styles, get in touch for a quote today if you can’t see the type you need using any of the contact page details!