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Showing all 5 results

Cycling Overshoes at DM’s Cycles & Repairs

Keep your feet warm and dry through the colder months with overshoes to cover your valuable cycling footwear. Rain, mud and road spray can easily get by the gaps in your side shoe, meaning it’s more likely that the cold will set in quickly and have an impact on your cycling enjoyment. Windproof and waterproof shoe covers can offer your foot a top weather and cold barrier through autumn, winter and spring. Closed and open sole overshoes available to order quickly for home delivery.

Open or closed sole

Closed sole overshoes have a layer of fabric permanently covering the sole of the shoe, whereas open sole varieties often have a hook and loop fastener strap. This enables you to tighten sole grip but may feel bulkier while walking. It’s a personal preference for either, so there’s no right or wrong answer when it comes to choosing your type of overshoe!


With quality options from Shimano, Madison and others to special order, materials will always be tough and durable. Madison offer a limited lifetime guarantee on their overshoes. Shimano cyclist shoe covers are manufactured of an ultra tough rubber-composite material mix. Neoprene options available to keep your feet clean, warmer and drier than when you’re in your slippers! (well maybe not quite!)